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About Webbnutt

So you want to know about Webbnutt? Where do I begin?

My nickname says so much about me. I bought my computer and went online in December, 1999. Not long after, I discovered webpages. What fun! I soon ended up with several webpages; personal, business, etc. I also discovered PaintShop Pro and began creating graphics of my own. Several people encouraged my efforts and soon I had another website up...graphics.

But what do I call it? I can't really pinpoint when/where Webbnutt came from. It just popped into my head and it suited me to a tee, so I did a search on the internet to see if there was a 'webbnutt' already listed. Nope...I'm the Original! Yippee.

Later, I joined several online groups and was educated about copyrights and credits. Down came the old webpages. All of my new sites are "copyright conscious". I only use my own graphics for backgrounds and set-ups. If I happen to use work by someone else, I always give credit on the same page. I also educate newbies when I can. Some people can get really nasty when others break copyright laws, but I know from experience that most of the time the infringement is due to lack of knowlege more than anything else.

That's how it started. I began with websets because I was making them for my own web sites. Then I began joining more internet groups and started creating gift cards, greeting cards, and other graphics. I also started playing with my PSP to see what else I could do with it. So far, I've done quite a bit of photo manipulations...I can change the background and colors; I remove hairs, blotches, red-eye; and most fun--I add things to the photos! lol (mustache anyone?) What I enjoy most, though, is creating my own images from scratch, clip-art, or photos.

The best way to get to know Webbnutt is to browse around my websites. Take a look around Webbnutt Designs, then click on a Webbnutt Domain link and check out my other sites. Enjoy your visit!

Images created by Webbnutt--Do Not Copy
Smiling Jack with cool glasses baby and bear transparent gif by Webbnutt

Sisters by Webbnutt My Daughter and her Fiance--framed by Webbnutt

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